Your Guide to Being a Comfort Zone Escapist

Are you tired of letting your dreams pass you by without taking the risk to jump into action? 

Do you depend on others to fill a void? Relying on your relatives, social media, and your boss’s opinions of you to develop self-worth? 

Have you ever looked at a risk-taker and said: 

“Wow! They’re so courageous. I could never do what they do.” 


In this risk-taking action guide, Alison Aulakh releases the top ten secrets. It will shift you from “I could never be fearless enough to take risks,” to, “I AM A CERTIFIED COMFORT ZONE ESCAPIST.” 

In Your Guide to Being a Comfort Zone Escapist, you’ll feel confident about: 

  • Completing ten risk assignments. Did you think you were going to read about how to be a risk-taker without taking risks? Each task reveals instructions on how to stop hesitating and choose action now. 
  • Unlocking three journal prompts per chapter. Be ready to unveil your limiting beliefs and enhance self-awareness. 
  • Engaging in self-guided check-ins to journal and reflect on your risk assignments. 
  • Leveling up with each chapter by increasing the risk score on your risk scale. 
  • Becoming alumni of The Comfort Zone Escapist Graduating Class. Grab your kiddie pool and plunger, it’s going to be a quirky ride. Celebrate the challenging work you’ll achieve by following this guide. 

Your Guide to Being a Comfort Zone Escapist uncovers all you will need to be a lifelong risk-taker! 

Ready for your risk assignment? 

RISK #0: Open this book right now and start your risk journey. Trust me, you won’t regret it.